The goal is simple—create a community where we can share encouraging stories and ideas to help each other become better and stronger fathers, husbands, and men.

You weren't meant to do this dad thing alone—now you don't have to.




My name is John Finch.

I made a film a few years ago called The Father Effect. While I was making this film I heard many incredible stories that changed my life and legacy as a dad.

Even today, in conversations with my friends, I learn lessons and get ideas I can implement in my home to help me become a better dad.

As a fatherless boy who grew up without a dad, there are many times I struggle about my decisions as a dad. I need help. That’s why I love hearing stories and learning something new from the wisdom of other fathers.

We launched the Encouraging Dads Tribe and Membership portal because I believe there other dads just like me that would like to hear and learn from the positive stories of others.

Fatherhood is not about perfection. It’s about progress. The goal of this tribe is simple—it is to create a community where we can share encouraging stories and ideas so we can help one another become better and stronger fathers.

Please help us get the word out by sharing this on social media. It is through the inspiring stories of other fathers that we can all become stronger as fathers and as a community.

Contact John directly at john@encouragingdads.com.



My name is Brian Goslee.

My main role at Encouraging Dads is the Director of Programs and Outreach. I love talking with dads and helping them through our resources and connecting them with other Encouraging Dads in our tribe.

For many years I floundered as a dad, trying to figure things out on my own and failing most of the time. But then, with God's help and the help of others, I broke through and I've never been the same. God changed my life so much that it is my passion to help others experience change in their lives, but much sooner than I did! 

I want you to know, we were not designed to do this "dad thing" in isolation. If you are feeling less than successful right now, you're not the only one—not by a long shot!

None of us achieves our true potential without coaching of some sort—not me, not you, not Tom Brady, not LeBron James—we need a sounding board, coaching, accountability, and encouragement. 

You are in the right place for it at Encouraging Dads!

A little more about me: I am a Christian husband, father, author, speaker, teacher, and coach. I enjoy encouraging and guiding others through steps that help them grow in their faith and activate change in their lives. One way I do this is through a book and programs I created called Changed Through Faith: Four Steps to Activating a Life of Peace Purpose and Fulfillment.

I  also am Executive Director of a nonprofit organization called Changed Through Faith Ministries, helping fathers and their families grow closer to God and each other since 2015 through resources and events.

My other passions are baseball and family. I've been married to my amazing wife Andrea for 27 years and we have two great children, ages 22 and 21.

You can connect with me directly at brian@encouragingdads.com 

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