What is the most important thing you learned from your father (father figure, coach, mentor, etc) that you will never forget?

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My Father’s Legacy
My father became a Christian out of a totally pagan cultural environment. He had begun listening to Sunday sermons on
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My Dad, Elvis, and a Trip to Memphis: A Real-Life Fairytale
Gather round, children. I’m gonna tell you a scary story by the campfire tonight. Once upon a time, way back
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Alfred. That’s my father-in-law’s name. Alfred. No nicknames. Everyone calls him by his Christian name, Alfred. Before I met him,
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“Daddy” By Sandra J. Charite I remember sitting in your lap As you watched TV Wrapped in your arms, I
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Look Up
When our youngest daughter was three years old she received a free balloon at the grocery store – a pink
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My Dad Didn’t Miss a Performance or a Game
After watching The Father Effect documentary, I couldn’t help but to reflect upon the times spent with my dad. My
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I Never Knew My Dad
My heart sank as I watched the young dad’s story on the afternoon talk show. Not only had he never
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Second-Chance Dad
Alcoholism can take its toll on a father/child relationship.  It leaves the relationship broken and causes pain in the hearts
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Three Lessons My Dad Taught Me Without Saying a Word
My Dad’s dream was crushed very early on. Growing up he had always wanted to be a pilot.  Not just
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Sacrifices and Snowballs
The snow was falling in miniature but unrelenting flakes that accumulated faster than seemed possible. As we drove home, lawns
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